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    Turn Any Trailer Into A Tilting Trailer

    Tilt A Hitch
    TAH Unit



    Tilt-A-Hitch – $159.95 + shipping and handling


    • The Tilt-A-Hitch has met or exceeded the requirements for a class 4 (6-10,000 lbs GVWR) Weight Carrying Hitch in accordance with the Society of American Engineers J684 test and the Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission Regulation V-5 test.
    • Approved for an 8,000 lb. towing capacity.
    • Built to last and is quality constructed of over 32 pounds of heavy steel.
    • The Tilt-A-Hitch has a beautiful black powder coat finish.
    • The Tilt-A-Hitch can also function as a load leveling hitch, by choosing one of 10 different pin positions.
    • Mounts to a standard 2″ receiver
    • Works on any ball-mount trailer.
    • The Tilt-A-Hitch and the electric jack are sold separately.
    • NOTE: Ball NOT included with purchase!

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    Tilt-A-Hitch makes your regular trailer into a tilting trailer quickly and easily without the cost of a standard tilting trailer. Use a jack to safely tilt your trailer for easy loading and unloading of all your precious cargo! Tilt-A-Hitch mounts to any standard 2” ball receiver and is built from 34 lbs of heavy steel with a black powder coat finish and is approved for an 8,000 lb tow rating in any position. Tilt-A-Hitch also works as a 12-position load leveling hitch. The center arm and hitch are completely reversible.
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    Tilt-A-Hitch featured at the SEMA show

    See how a lowered '39 Street Rod Loads onto a Trailer

    This '39 Buick Street Rod is so low it is nearly impossible to load onto a traditional trailer without damaging it. The first image shows just how dangerous it is to load a classic car like this onto a conventional trailer. Once the Tilt-A-Hitch was used to decrease the angle of the ramps, the Buick was easily and safely loaded onto the trailer.