Yard Equipment is difficult to transport

Regular utility trailers have steep ramp inclines, making it nearly impossible to load equipment. A Tilt-A-Hitch eliminates the difficulty in loading and unloading lawnmowers, tractors, four-wheelers, ATVs and UTVs. The electric jack can tilt the trailer to any angle necessary to transport equipment including wheelbarrows, walking lawnmowers, carts and tools. Landscape professionals love how Tilt-A-Hitch simplifies their jobs.

Photo 1: Before loading

Step 1 | Loading Lawnmower | Tilt-A-Hitch

Photo 2: Ready to drive lawnmower onto the trailer

Step 2 | Loading Lawnmower | Tilt-A-Hitch

Photo 3: Lawnmower driving up the ramp

Step 3 of loading a riding lawnmower with Tilt-A-Hitch!

Photo 4: Lawnmower successfully loaded

Step 4 of loading a riding lawnmower with Tilt-A-Hitch!